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TwoSides, ONE Coin is an exploratorium and an open invitation to YOU to participate in shaping the future.  We have an unprecedented opportunity to change the world we live in and the world we pass on to future generations.  We cannot seize that opportunity by clinging to ideas of the past.   Success in the 21st Century calls for a new paradigm that is more expansive and inclusive. 

Native Americans describe two opposite ways of seeing: hawk vision and mouse vision.  Mouse vision focuses on the details of the landscape on the ground while hawk vision views the landscape from the sky - from a broader perspective.  Thousands of sites and millions of books are dedicated to the mouse vision of success and detailed instruction on what to do and what to avoid.  TwoSides, ONE Coin Enlightened Leadership will explore the "other side" and the Coin, itself.

Our first key to unlocking a new paradigm involves unlearning seeing Two Sides as separable, or divisible, opposites. Begin, instead, to see TwoSides as inseparable, without dividing lines between black and white, night and day, rich and  poor.  Life is not black or white but blackANDwhite. 

  A line drawn between darkness and  light,

   joy and oppression,

   time and eternity.

 Learn to read this subtle line

 for it tells all the secrets to creation.

                                      Fakruddin Araqi

Our emphasis at TwoSides, ONE Coin is in opening our eyes, our minds, and our hearts in order to see the whole view, the ONE Coin, without losing sight of the individual facets.

We are intrinsically bound in our humanity and as inhabitants of one planet. Beyond our hazy remembrance of what underlies the conceptual, it is time we turn our attention to the reality of interdependence, the experience of indivisibility. the truth of inseparability.

Our knowing has been shadowed by our knowledge. The time for change is Now! 

What is TwoSides,  ONE Coin?

An exploratorium for discovering and sharing the open secrets to Living a Successful Life.

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