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TwoSides, ONE Coin will be presenting a series of online articles that explores the concept of Enlightened Leadership, Keys to Success in the 21st Century in our new blog.

Please look for us in April by clicking here TwoSides,ONECoin Blog. or by clicking on one of the current topics listed below.

And Welcome to TwoSides, ONE Coin - an exploration of Enlightened Leadership!


Current Topics include:

Life Success - Living the Dream

An Open Mind is Under-Rated

Ancient Wisdom & Life Success


Future Topics will include:

Enlightened Leadership: An OverView

Unlearning Some Common Myths -  Unlearning some of what we have been taught and opening space in our minds for real inspiration. 

Intuition: Thinking Outside the Box - Outside the Thinking Box.  Exploring the notion that thinking IS the box. Tapping into an under-utilized resource - knowledge acquired by other means.

It's Only Business, Nothing Personal - Have we successfully fragmented ourselves with this thinking?  Rethinking this idea and it's less discussed results .

Industrial Age Performance Measurements in an Age of Information:  The hidden cost of Pace and Performance Driven Leadership Styles in the Age of Information.

Work-Life Balance: Another idea worthy of our exploration.  Are we "not living" while at work? Are these actually two separate things?

A Policy of Trust: What does trust have to do with success?

Profits or Personnel -   Bonuses and layoffs - Personnel as People or as Objects? Aligning our deepest values with our every day actions and decisions. 

Has Speed Replaced Patience as a Virtue?:  Quality or Quantity? Businesses and organizations that are pace driven have left little time for building real relationships.

Buzz Words & Mission Statements: Integrity or Hypocrisy:   Buzz words abound but do we really walk our talk?  Transparency, life-balance, team-work, constructive conflict and other buzz words found in the mission statements of many companies are examined for truth in advertising.



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