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  ONE COIN Community - An Open Invitation

Join the Unity Community - One World, One People, undivided in mind and in purpose.

Our purpose and mission is to spread kindness daily and to foster compassion for all sentient beings.

Our primary objective is to love one another, our single underlying tenet is "not harming" each other.

We are an online community committed to the spirit and the ultimate realization of Global Unity. 

We have individual names and faces but it is our collective silent voice we wish to unite on this site and within our online community.

Our voice is that of the silent majority - the common man, the average woman.

There is power in our numbers.  United we stand.  Divided we fall.

We have been falling  one by one, for centuries;  lacking effective Leadership that unites us in common purpose - world peace.

No leader has appeared to us, the masses, because we need no Leader to unite among ourselves.

We only thought we did. 

We simply need  to make the choice to do so.

And a mass communication vehicle, a contact means, a global town hall gathering place, to join our voices together.

Our world wide web within the word wide web.

Together, We have greater opportunity to effect positive changes for the greater good.

We also have an opportunity to redefine the role and the attributes of our chosen Leaders for the 21st century.

ONE Coin Community Members:You are warmly invited to share your inspired Art, poetry, music, and photography with friends around the world. 

Please visit the galleries and email your submissions to


Join the ONE Coin Community UNITY MOVEMENT and spread the word!

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